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Errrr.... I'm 29, about 5'10", 140lbs, blue eyes and short(ish), dark blonde hair.

I live in the south east of England, Kent and I presently work for a large US pharmaceutical company.

I drive a vw golf....am an only child........ I don't smoke (lord no, *ick poo*).... drink if I want to.... am not really religious.... don't support any football teams.. own lots of cd's and minidiscs, quite a lot of vinyl's, some videos 'n dvd's, live at home (presently), I love music, I don't play anything; I just love listening to it and goin to gigs 'n' festivals.... and I **LOVE** motorsport.

That's about it really, if you wanna know anything else, shout me..... I don't bite...... :-)

60's, 90's, air, alternative, and, ash, asian dub foundation, athlete, bacon, being childish, ben and jerry's, bill bailey, blue (not the group, bluetones, blur, britpop, button moon, cadburys roses, camden, cars, cast, cats, chinese, cinema, clapton, clear blue skies, clothes, clubbing, clubs, coffee, coldplay, comedy, computers, countryside, curry, day dreaming, dreaming, email, embrace, err, faithless, father ted, fawlty towers, feeder, ferrari, festivals, films, food, formula one, fozzie bear, fresh air, garage, gigs, golf gti, grover, hifi, holidays, hot chocolate, house, ice cream, icq, idlewild, imesh :(6794674), incubus, indie, internet, italian cars, jelly, jimi hendrix, jokes, kula shaker, laughing, lava lamps, limp bizkit, little fluffy clouds, london, lunch, manic street preachers, me, minidisc, monty python, morcheeba, motorsport, mountain biking, mp3's, mr. scruff, muppets, muse, music, my car, my friends, napster, net radio, ninja tunes, oasis, ocean colour scene, only fools and horses, orange, oxford street, paul oakenfold, project gotham, q, racing games, radio, rainbow, rallycross, rallying, record shops, reef, ren and stimpy, rory gallagher, scenery, sesame street, shed seven, simpsons, singing, sleeping, soulful house, sports, ssx, star wars, starsailor, stereophonics, subaru impreza, suits, summer evenings, sun, sunshine, supergrass, symposium, tea, the charlatans, the essential selection, the evening session, the fast show, the seahorses, the smell of petrol, touring cars, trainers, travis, two step, vinyl, volkswagen, volkswagen golf, vw beetles, whatever, x-box

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